Obstruction Light & Warning Light Products

Carmanah solar-powered LED hazard and obstruction marking lights are field-proven to be durable and reliable in the harshest environments in the world: from extreme desert heat to arctic cold.

Solar Products

OL2A Solar Safety Light

OL4 Solar Hazard Marker

OL800 Solar Obstruction Light


AC and DC Products

OL370d Medium LED Tower Lighting System

OL370i Medium LED Obstruction Lighting System

OL371 Red Tower Lighting



Our intelligent system design allows efficiencies across the entire product, ensuring we can provide some of the smallest, lightest weight solar-powered lanterns on the market. Carmanah obstruction lighting products are completely self-contained units that can be easily mounted, even at the top of the tallest towers and left on location, maintenance-free, for up to five years. When it comes to reliable, low-maintenance obstruction lighting on the airfield, in oil and gas operations, at mine sites, railyards and more, Carmanah products are the obvious, proven solution.

  • Shock and vibration proof to withstand the conditions of tough industrial sites
  • Unaffected by power surges and grid failures
  • Wire-free, self-contained designs requiring no cabling, trenching or external power source
  • Rugged, all-weather housing
  • Intelligent, microprocessor Energy Management System (EMS) adapts to environmental conditions for consistent, longterm operation
  • Industry leading technology with attention to all product components, high-grade pure lead VRLA-AGM batteries, venting cases to withstand extreme temperatures, and high grade polycarbonate chassis