Obstruction Lighting Solutions

Carmanah's simple and self-contained obstruction marking lights are perfect for marking towers and other obstructions for aerial and ground navigation, such as telecom towers, powerlines, fence and barricade lighting, haul road marking, railway blue flag protection, equipment marking and more.

Our rugged and wire-free designs are ideally suited to withstand the harsh environments typically encountered in oil and gas development projects, mining operations and other industrial development sites around the world. With no power cables needed, installation is quick and doesn't require specialized electricians.

Featured Products

OL2A Solar Marking Light

Our smallest format solar light. Designed for rugged reliability in remote or hard-to-access locations. Multiple colours, flange and post-mount designs.

OL800 Obstruction Light

The OL800 features higher intensities and new user features. Available in three engine sizes, the OL800 meets ICAO Type A and B, FAA L-810 and Casa 10 cd photometric requirements.

OL4 Hazard Marker

As a self-contained, generic hazard marker, the OL4 offers reliable dusk to dawn illumination in a wide variety of configurations.

OL2000 Medium-Intensity Light

The OL2000 offers all of the benefits of solar technology in a medium-intensity obstruction marking package. AC and Solar options available.


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Solar Solutions for Mine Sites

Why Carmanah?

Since 1996, Carmanah has provided critical lighting, hazard marking and power solutions to industrial customers around the globe. Our technology is designed to provide reliable, maintenance-free operation up to 5 years, with in-service life expectancy of 15-20 years.


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